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The Sideline Heaux Chronicles (vol. 3): When Keeping it Sideline Goes Wrong

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It’s getting real mean in these sideline heaux streets.  On one hand, we see highclass sidelines getting wifed (seen here)…on the other hand, there’s he reality on the streets: that nigga ain’t gonna leave his wife for you and this whole shyt gonna blow up in yo face.

Let’s not be foolish, it happens.  We all have an uncle, grandfather, hell…even some of our own fathers may have left his wife for his mistress; but that era has come and gone.  The days of niggas having two families been gone, a lot of cats don’t even half-way take care of ONE household, let alone his mistress and their kids!

But, as we’ve reviewed in the previous two installments of the Sideline Heaux Series [vol 1, vol 2]…a LOT of women are, or have been, sideline heaux to a married/seriously involved man. A relative handful peep game, reap benefits, and move on in a productive way…but the overwhelming majority just get left disenfranchised by the whole process. 

How did we get this far???

1. Delusion.  You know when you met this nigga that he wasn’t going to leave his wife, but you went on head anyway.  Fine.  At first, it was what it was, a backshot here…a little head there…but guess what, you done caught feelings.  Word? Really?  Now you mad because things haven’t changed?  *sigh* Do better. Or at least lower your expectations to their appropriate level.

2. Greed . Believe it or not…ol El Jugo does pretty well with the ladies.  But even on my best pimpin-est, suave-est, pocket full of money-est, fresh from the barbershop, just got my car detailed day, and a great resume and awesome job, am I not even coming close to the amount of attention that even the most basic raggedy bish gets from the opposite sex.  Just won’t happen.  Women directly, or indirectly, get d*ck offered them on an almost hourly basis, primarily from single men (or at least not married).  So to partake in another woman’s goods is just flat out greedy. Period.

3. Reckless Abandon.  I know from personal experience that there are a LOT of crazy bishes out here. A LOT!  So to mess with another woman’s husband is to take one’s life into her own hand.  I mean, the sidelines know how THEY would act if she caught another woman with her man…so what makes the wife any different?  They have a WHOLE FCUKING TV SERIES devoted to crazy chicks and the isht they do to men and women that cross them (see also, Snapped)…so what makes you so bullet-proof?  I’d be slick shook to mess with a woman who messes with married men all the time and I’m single.  Shawty just living a life devoid of consequences…damn.

~El Jugo.