If You Want to Win You Must Move Without the Ball

In the spirit of the NBA finals I would like to introduce you to a concept that I coined several years ago when talking about men and women in relationships. Its called “Moving Without The Ball” For all of you out there who are not familiar with the term moving without the ball is something that basketball coaches around the world preach to their teams. Players should move around the court even if they do not have the ball so that they can become open and get an open look at the basket and a clear shot. For the best real life example of this check out Ray Allen in a game because that dude is constantly moving without the ball. When one stands in the same spot on the court they are easy to guard and consequently will not get passed the ball because a member of the defense is right there to get a steal or block the shot.

Now let me relate “Moving Without The Ball” to relationships. First off let me be clear that both men and women should move without the ball. But since I am not a woman I will be speaking from a males point of view on this topic. From my 30 years of observation of the opposite sex there are so many women out in the world who do not move without the ball when it comes to their personal dating lives. So many women think that being cute, being a woman, having a job, and breathing entitles them to having a man. This falsehood could be no further from the truth. No woman is entitled to having a man or being in a relationship that is why if you visit any baptist church you will see 40+ year old single women thirsty for a man. And when I say thirsty I mean so many women thirst as if they have been roaming through the Sahara Desert for 30 days. Its kind of sad. Anyway there are certain things that women can do that allows them to get open and get that clear shot at a healthy forward moving relationship. So I am going to give you 10 steps that will help you move without the ball and get that open look.

10 Steps to “Moving Without the Ball”

1. Smile – No one is going to approach you to talk if you walking around mean mugging every one that walks by. It won’t kill you to smile and speak sometimes.

2. Stop traveling in packs – most good men feel intimidated approaching a woman who is by herself so why are you going to complicate things by frequenting your favorite lounge with 5 of your homegirls. Travel with 1 friend 2 max.

3. Develop yourself while you are single – don’t just think that work and home and going to church on Wednesday and Sunday is enough. Develop yourself as a person. Find out what interests you, pick up a hobby, read a book that doesn’t have anything to do with relationships from time to time. Men wan to feel like they can have a decent conversation with you so please be interesting and have something to talk about.

4. Work out – this is not only good for moving without the ball and having more men find you and approach you, but it is also good for you as an individual and your over all health.

5. Learn how to cook – seriously do women do this anymore. The old saying that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach does hold some weight. Cooking is fundamental.

6. Cut down on male friends – if you are a woman who has an absurd number of male friends you might want to trim down the number to 1 or 2. Guys see warning flags when a woman has too many heterosexual male friends.

7. Study what you want – if you like a certain type of dude study to see what interests him. Find out where guys like that hang out. Make sure you spend time in those places. A man can’t find you if you are not out and about to be found.

8.Obey your thirst – there are some women out there who want to be in a relationship and then there are those who don’t. If you are in the group of women who wish to be in a relationship consider yourself thirsty. And what does one do when they are thirsty? The go get a drink. Thirst is not a negative thing. I would say guys are always thirsty but that kind of obvious like calling water wet.

9. Relax – don’t have relationship written on your forehead. When a man approaches you if it ends up in a date then cool. Don’t expect this to be “the one” just be easy with it and have a good time. If it is meant to be then it will.

10. Build a team – a team atmosphere works great when dating. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Develop a squad of about 3-5 people that you enjoy spending time with. Over time the one who is really worth your time will reveal themselves.

There you go ladies. A step by step booklet for you to get to get your game on track.



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  1. “…not your wig pushed back”

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